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Why you need to travel with a Wifi Hotspot in the Philippines

July 23, 2017
Why you need to travel with a Wi-Fi Hotspot in the Philippines

Why you need to travel with a Wi-Fi Hotspot in the Philippines

It’s been over a week since we’ve been in the Philippines and the one thing we’ve noticed here is the very poor Wi-Fi. This may even be an understatement. You never realize how much you need your phone and data until you are in another country without service. If you’ve ever traveled to the Philippine Islands, then you know the painful Wi-Fi situation all too well. You check into hotels that advertise free Wi-Fi and then you learn it’s only available in the lobby with sub par service at best. On good days, pages take 1-2 minutes to load. Yes, a nightmare.

As travel bloggers, having great Wi-Fi is a top priority, so we searched high and low for the best ways to get service in the Philippines ASAP. Having good Internet access in the Philippines makes traveling  so much easier. Fortunately, you can stay connected 24/7 with Tattoo 4G Mobile WiFi.

Here are the top reasons why you need to travel with a WiFi hotspot in the Philippines.

Other than saving you from scouring or leeching for free wi-fi, here are the many other reasons it’s crucial to have a pocket wi-fi when traveling.

  • FaceTime: You can stay in touch with family & friends back home.
  • Google Maps: Avoid getting lost by having 24/7 access to Google Maps. (Tip: don’t rely on taxi drivers in the Philippines to have GPS or a smart phone. 9/10 times, they won’t have one).
  • Social Media: Staying connected on social media is always a plus!
  • WhatsApp & Viber: Having access to Wi-Fi allows us to use apps like WhatsApp and Viber to communicate with local guides/drivers and also our loved ones back home.
  • Google Translate: While most people speak English in the Philippines, it doesn’t hurt to have access to Google Translate when it’s needed.
  • For work: If you are like us and need to work abroad, having a pocket wi-fi is an absolute MUST! When we need to pop out a blog post, we simply turn on the device and publish within seconds.

About T@ttoo 4G Mobile Wi-Fi

Tattoo Pocket Wi-Fi Review

The Tattoo Mobile Wi-Fi device is powered by the country’s largest 4G network and is available for purchase for around P1495 (Or 30 US dollars) at all Globe stores and accredited retail outlets. The device allows you to connect to the Internet while you are on the go. Just turn on the device and start surfing —no need to plug in the USB port. It allows you to connect up to ten (10) devices with speeds of up to 12 Mbps. As a plus, you can also get free Facebook one day per week for six months. To avail the Facebook promo, just tex FBWEEKLY to 8888.

Prepaid SIM

You will also need to purchase a prepaid SIM to insert into the device (unless it comes with your purchase). There are two mobile companies servicing the Philippines: Smart and Globe. In our experience, Smart has better coverage in rural areas, especially on the Islands. To ensure we had Wi-Fi wherever we traveled in the Philippines, we purchased both SIM cards. Once you use up the load amount on your SIM (usually ranging from Php1 to PhP1000) you can replenish it by buying more load from a neighborhood convenient store (aka “sari-sari stores”) near you. Don’t fret, these sari-sari stores are everywhere!

Having the T@ttoo Mobile Wifi has certainly bettered our travel experience in the Philippines thus far. We highly recommend it!

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