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The Anaheim Packing House

November 15, 2015

The Anaheim Packing House
My husband and I have pushed off going to the Anaheim Packing House long enough. Two years ago, we took a trip to Vancouver Canada and walked through our very first packing house – filled with produce, meats, spices, seafood, pastries, nuts, food vendors and more! It was every food bloggers dream. I remember saying that I wished we had one in Orange County. Low and behold, one year later, the city of Anaheim opens up a packing district. After pushing it off a year, we decided to explore. Not too far from Disneyland, sits a nostalgic, old restored building which is now the Anaheim Packing District.

A Boho / Bohemian / Hipster / Foodies paradise.

Well hey, we just so happened to stumble upon the motherland for all foodies in OC under one single roof.   Listen, if you are ever in California or if you currently reside in Southern California, you must make a trip to this funky spot in Anaheim. After all, it can be frugal and fancy entertainment. Musicians play here frequently. So grab a cocktail, enjoy the vibe and listen to live music instead of sitting on the couch twirling your thumbs, trying to figure out what to do.

The history of the building

Built in 1919, the Anaheim Packing House was a focal point of commerce for the city. Farmers would arrive in their trucks and unload their fruits (citrus particularly) to be washed, graded and packed in crates to be sent off by railroad. The new packing district does a very good job of displaying the buildings history in an artistic way.

From the outside

The building is an unsuspecting foodies paradise. From the outside, what looks like an old railroad station, is actually a new Orange County attraction – this attraction, though, is for all you food and beverage lovers out there!

Walking up to the packing house, you might pick up on the subtle hints of the art and nostalgia of it all…

A welcoming entrance way into a beer garden and the packing house from the west entrance of the building…
Fresh fruit anyone? 

With its artsy design, boho vibe and endless displays of food, it’s the Urban Outfitters for food lovers…


Two stories of fun…  Dia de Los Muertos….

Anaheim Packing House


A film farm…  
A beer garden (PS…I hear they have a great Octoberfest)


Hope you can make it to the Anaheim Packing House. If you happen to stop by, let us know your favorite foods, cocktails, experiences. We would love to hear about them and share them on this blog.


Melody & Trevor

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