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Fun Things to do in Paris that are Free

June 2, 2017
Stuff to do in paris

Paris France can be an expensive place to travel to. This should come as no surprise. Aside from the Euro currency being strong and the 20% sales tax, Paris France is also one of the most visited cities in the world! Don’t let that frighten you. Like all budget savvy travelers, we can usually find free things to in just about any place in the world. Without further adieu, here…

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Breakfast in Paris

April 22, 2016

  Breakfast in Paris Breakfast in Paris is much different than breakfast back home. Being half French, I’ve grown accustomed to my grandmother’s morning quiche and pastries, but there is something to be said about eating breakfasts in Paris.  First of all, you won’t find a Denny’s on street corners nor will you run into the infamous golden arches. What you will find are a mixture of Frugal and Fancy…

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Au Revoir Paris Love Locks

May 27, 2015
Pont des Arts Love Locks

Our Paris trip would not have been complete without a stop to see the ‘Love Locks’ at the Pont d’Amour Bridge, also known as Pont des Arts. Since 2008, couples from all over the world have been sealing their love with a lock on this infamous Paris bridge. What exactly started this movement is not clear, but it has quickly become a thing to do in while in…