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Child Poverty in the Philippines: Our Visit with Street Children in Cebu

August 21, 2017
Street Kids Philippines

Cebu City, Philippines – We were strolling the city at night when a scene made by 5 or 6 boys made our hearts sink. To be honest, they noticed us before we noticed them. The sight of a ‘foreigner’ in the Philippines signals hope for many. This is the frame of mind we keep when approached by a local with souvenirs for sale, a child with their hand out, or…

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A Spot of Tea in Makati | Lunch at Mary Grace inside Century City Mall

July 30, 2017
Tea in Makati

The Best Place to Sip on Tea in Makati I’ll have to admit, shopping, lunch & high tea were not on our list of ‘to-dos’ when visiting Makati. I simply couldn’t resist when I passed by and saw people sipping tea served out of colorful pots + plates of pastries spread out over every table top. Maybe it’s just the ‘Alice’ in me that pulls up a chair at the sight…

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Makati Nightlife: A-Venue, Poblacion, Burgos & Makati Street

July 29, 2017
Burgos Street

While you won’t find pristine beaches near Metro Manila, it’s the perfect place for the city-goer. Enjoy fine dining in BGC (Bonifacio Global City aka ‘The Fort’), party in/around Burgos Street in Makati (Manila’s former red light district) or even gamble at Solaire, Sofitel or the City of Dreams – Manila’s version of Las Vegas Strip. Whatever you enjoy doing when the sun goes down, Metro Manila offers…

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A Day at Rizal Park a.k.a Luneta Park in Manila Philippines

July 28, 2017
Rizal Park

When you visit Manila, it’s an absolute MUST to visit Rizal Park (aka Luneta), one of the largest urban parks in Asia. The park is spread out over 40 acres of gardens, lawns, ponds, cafes, museums and monuments. It’s also one of the highest rated parks in Asia According to Agoda Travelers and one of the best places to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. Like Central Park in New York, Luneta is…

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First day in Manila Philippines

April 8, 2015

First day in Manila Philippines There is an obvious truth to the way of life in Manila Philippines. There is an apparent economic divide that separates the people, the rich and the poor. Visually, Manila can only be described as place of polar opposites. The city appears like something out of the Hunger Games. A city of Sky Scrapers and towers that overlook a city of deterioration and slum…