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Staying at Squares Beachfront Apartments in Puerto Galera Philippines

August 17, 2017
Squares Beachfront Puerto Galera Philippines

Squares Beachfront Apartments

Squares Beachfront Review

Places like Puerto Galera have a reputation for being a place to party, drink and mingle. While that sounds enticing, sometimes we just need a place to relax and get away from it all.

Finding a quiet space in Puerto Galera is not hard to find at all. While many tourists rush to happening spots like Sabang and White Beach, many have also taken a liking to the more tranquil parts of town – like Tabinay and Big La Laguna. Here you will feel a world away from the hustle and bustle with the peaceful / calm waters & less noise overall.

Nestled in the corner of Small Tabinay, is a place called Squares Beachfront Apartments.

Puerto Galera Philippines

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Getting to Squares Beachfront Apartments

If you’re coming from Manila, there are several modes of transportation you can take to venture to Puerto Galera:

By Sea Plane: Operated by Air Juan, the sea plane is one of the fastest ways to get to Puerto Galera but it is also more pricey.  The cost is around $100pp but the flight time is less than 20 mintues from the time of departure. You can check out more information at AirJuan.com.

By Ro Ro: Upon arrival in Batangas Pier, go to Terminal 2 and find the ticket booth of the ferry going to Puerto Galera. Ticket costs range from 250-350 pesos (one-way) depending on season.

By Outrigger: Upon arrival at Batangas Pier, go to Terminal 3 and find the ticket booth of the ferry going to Puerto Galera). Ticket costs range from 250-350 pesos (one-way) depending on season.

(Additional instructions from Squares Beachfront Apartments: From Batangas Port, buy a round trip ticket from Minolo Shipping Lines making clear that you are a guest at Squares Beachfront Apartments – this will include the Bank both ways together with a van shuttle from Muelle pier to Squares. Journey time is 5 – 6 hours from Manila).

There are 3 major points of entry in Puerto Galera: Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier and White Beach. You will want to arrive in Muelle Pier if you want to head straight to Squares Beachfront Apartments upon arrival.

How to Get to Tabinay

Puerto Galera Philippines

The Apartments

We just LOVED the extra large spaces and immaculate beachfront views at Squares Beachfront Apartments. Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean every night and waking up to a beautiful sunrise every morning from our balcony was a real treat. The Apartment Hotel is located in a quiet area called small Tabinay – a great location! It’s just far enough from it all, but close enough if you need a market or place to eat. The staff was extra friendly! They really made you feel like family.  We were also so fortunate to bring our dog Lucy. Squares is pet friendly!

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The Rooms

Each bedroom (like the one we stayed in) has a separate living room, terrace and kitchen. The size is approximately 60 square meters. Every apartment also comes with kitchen appliances, hot water and air conditioning! This is a luxury when you are on smaller islands in the Philippines. (Pssst, you can even request to have a portable washer dryer installed in your room if you plan on doing your own laundry).

Squares Puerto Galera

Squares Beachfront Apartments

Squares Beachfront Apartments

Squares Beachfront Apartments

The Cafe

Squares Cafe serves up delicious breakfast every morning. You can also enjoy coffee, tea, juices, soft drinks, beers, snacks, ice creams and desserts like Halo Halo.

Squares Beachfront

Activities / Excursions

Puerto Galera offers a a plethora of excursions and places to visit. The staff was so kind to advise and assist / arrange for our day tripping. They even arranged for us to have a scooter during the week. The cost of the scooter was 500 pesos a day (or approx $10 US).

While the apartment hotel is somewhat secluded, it’s close to some of the BEST attractions such as Mangrove Nature Reserve, Tamaraw Fall & Pebble Beach.

Squares Beachfront Apartments

Squares Beachfront Apartments

Squares Beachfront Apartments

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Squares Puerto Galera

Squares Puerto Galera

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