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Hotel View of the Burj Al Khalifa

August 28, 2015

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A City of Extravagence

When I was visiting Downtown Dubai, I searched high and low for the best hotel view of the Burj Al Khalifa. Afterall, it was a building I had only seen and heard about on tv and I wanted to get a good glimpse of it along with some photos for this blog. I’m not going to lie and say you can make Dubai a “frugal” trip. It’s easy for me to say it will be a “fancy” one, but this is one post where I will not write about frugal tips and tricks. Dubai is Dubai, no way to slice it or dice it. Dubai has a reputation as a city of superlatives with it’s huge malls, golden walls, towering buildings, glamorous beaches and overall luxury. At the time of writing, £1 GBP buys you AED 5.82. Meals will cost you between 100-200 AED and beers 40-50 AED.

I spent four days in a hotel and luckily for me, I have family in Dubai who were amazing hosts the rest of my stay.  So for the sake of this blog (because we all know I love the deal), I will be straight forward and say Dubai was everything they said it would be. Expensive!

Al Manzil Hotel in Downtown Dubai

Here’s the thing, it’s not all about burning around the desert in a Ferrari or wearing five carrots to a five star dinner. I found out that Dubai is so much more than blowing a month’s salary in one weekend. I’ll be posting a series of blogs on places to see and things to do in Dubai if you’d like a five star experience for a fairer price. Today, I’d like to share with you my experience at this amazing hotel called the Al Manzil in Downtown Dubai.

I saw Tripadvisor’s reviews about Al Manzil hotel and its ranked # 1 of the 381 hotels in Dubai listed by the travel site.  I booked through the Hotels Tonight app and saved a pretty penny.  It’s less than a 5 minute walk to The Dubai Mall & Burj Khalifa.

Upon our arrival, I was welcomed with a Guava Juice drink and after a few minutes, I was escorted to my room.  As requested, my room was a Burj Khalifa view room (for this blog), the hotel had a beautiful pool with cocktail service and cabanas, a beautiful fitness centre, central to the Dubai Mall and offered an amazing complimentary buffet brunch/bar.

With my DSLR I took some snaps which you will see below.  Coming back from a stroll, I ordered coffee and breakfast in their beautiful arabian style courtyard.  If a Middle East hotel with Arabian Architecture sounds interesting to you, this hotel is definitely worth staying at.

(Beautiful Centerpiece at the Entrance of the Hotel)

Manzil 2

2015 04 29 15.10.02

IMG 6641

(View of the Burj Al Khalifa from my window – Worlds tallest building)

2015 04 29 07.33.18

(Room well equipped with robes, toiletries, wifi and big screen)

IMG 6605

(Like Aladdin)

IMG 6615

(View of the Pool Side)

IMG 6635

(Relaxing at the Pool)

IMG 6625

IMG 6628

2015 04 29 11.24.53

2015 04 29 08.10.41

2015 04 29 08.17.59

2015 04 29 08.10.08

IMG 6384

Ma’a Salama!


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