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Lazy Beach Days

August 27, 2015

IMG 8546


A San Francisco Trolley Experience in Laguna Beach

Sundays are our lazy beach days. There is nothing better than lounging on the beach after a long work week. I have to say that I am loving the new and free trolley rides in Laguna Beach. It can be such a hassle to find parking near the beach and if you are planning on driving to multiple destinations, forget it. It can be frustrating driving everywhere and expensive when you total all the coins you stick in the meters. Laguna takes the cake in my eyes for the best local transportation system. Park your car once and shuttle yourself around the city in the Laguna Beach trolley for free. Not only is it a frugal thing to do, it’s a fun way to get around the town. For anyone planning on spending the day sipping on cocktails, it’s also a great way to avoid taxi/uber/lyft fees (we all know by now not to drink and drive, we digress)

A Trolley Ride to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Beach

My husband and I decided to start off on Broadway street and have lunch at our favorite Laguna Beach Mexican restaurant called Carmelitas. Special thanks to my cousin Jocelyn Pascual for finding this yummy place on yelp. After lunch, we hopped on the blue trolley 15 minutes up the road to the Ritz Carlton. How’s that for a frugal and fancy experience? No, we didn’t stay, but we did walk around the premises to catch a glimpse and make our way to the ocean. We were instantly spoiled by a talented singer playing his guitar while we fell asleep on the sand.

Packing Light

I like packing light for the beach. In my eyes, there is nothing worse than lugging around chairs, coolers, beach bags etc. It’s also more to cleanup. So what do I pack? One sarong to use as a blanket. Why? It’s practically weightless and efficient – One towel – A hat for those sunny days – A picnic basket filled with snacks and drinks – sunscreen – sunglasses – a book – a swimsuit and cover up – one pair of light sandals – a brush and hair tie – one sun dress for days end – and for me, my camera. The best part about it is this all seems to fit in my picnic basket. Just my husband, myself and a picnic basket. Getting better at this efficiency thing, you’d almost think we were gypsies…

(Neat Map of Restaurants and Entertainment in Laguna Beach)


(Here’s me refraining from the tempting pastries lol)

IMG 8562

(The world’s best parking meter. The money is donated to help the needy and homeless)

IMG 8530

(Grabbed a magazine for the beach)

IMG 8528

(Here’s that free shuttle I told you about. Click here to get the transit map)

IMG 8533

(Make sure you choose the right colored Trolley)

IMG 8544

(Pick up a free local map)

IMG 8546

(If you havn’t been, Carmelita’s is a must in Laguna Beach!)

IMG 8534

(Margarita for me, Mojito for him)

IMG 8537

(For a healthier option: Steak/Carnitas, corn tortillas (optional) and black beans. Yum!)

IMG 8542

(Trolley stretches from North all the way to South Laguna Beach near the Ritz Carlton)

IMG 8645

(Long steps down to the beach & a perfect lil workout on the way back up)

IMG 8646

(That amazing singer I told you about. Wish we got his name. Maybe we’ll see him on TV one day)

IMG 8574

IMG 8585

(Laying on my sarong my uncle bought me in Singapore. Thanks Uncle Kev! – Along with my sunnies, banana boat sunblock, hat and my 1.00 sandals I bought in Manila Philippines)

IMG 8589


(My favorite Scala Hat)

IMG 8593

(This guy trying to steal my snacks)

IMG 8608


IMG 8607

(Feet in the warm summer water)

IMG 8611

(My childhood home and favorite place in the world, Laguna Beach)

IMG 8637

(My baywatch babe)

IMG 8616

IMG 8619

IMG 8649

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Hope you enjoyed! Please leave suggestions on local getaways! I love hearing from you all!

– XO Mely Mel

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    July 18, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    We just came back from a quick weekend at Laguna Beach and two days with three kids just wasn’t long enough!!!

    A few years ago we went to Dana Point and we were just so disappointed that I looked up how far away Laguna was and told hubhy to just go there…I liked it so much that I didn’t even want to try a different beach this year.

    Wish we had, had time to walk around and look at all of the shops…we live in AZ and it kind of reminded me of Sedona but not granola LOL!! I really wanted to check out the shop that had really cute small guitars in the front window. There had to be 30+ and they looked so detailed!

    Loved the “parking” meters!! What an awesome idea…seriously every city/town needs them!!

    PS I stumbled upon your blog looking for a map to show my mom where we were and the map you have it just too cute!!

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