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Falls in the Philippines: Kawasan Falls Cebu

January 2, 2018
Kawasan Falls Cebu

Kawasan Falls Cebu

Our Visit to Kawasan Falls Cebu

Swimming in bright blue turquoise water is definitely bucket list worthy and Kawasan Falls offered us the opportunity to do just that. Situated on the west side of the beautiful Island of Cebu, this majestic waterfall is one of the Philippines most popular tourist attractions. For that reason, we left bright and early & on a weekday as to avoid heavy crowds. (If you are looking to experience the waterfalls in piece and tranquility and are looking to snap travel blog worthy photos, avoid busy weekends and holidays.)

Kawasan Falls Cebu

Our adventure began with a motorcycle ride from our hotel in Alegria, Cebu Philippines – the Sun Xi Hotel. We arrived at Kawasan Falls in less than 10 minutes and were greeted by a group of guides at the front entrance. There, we offered one gentleman 1500 pesos or $30 US  help assist us on our trek. That money spent was well worth it as our guide stayed with us for 3 hours, took us on a raft adventure and also helped us snap amazing photos along the way.

Kawasan Falls

Once we paid the entrance fee of 40 pesos or .75 USD, we began our stroll down a jungle path. We have to admit that we were paralyzed and in awe from the beginning. If you’ve ever been on the jungle cruise at Disneyland, then this place might look familiar to you – only it is the totally real version. The sidewalk was lined to the left with the most turquoise and green water we had ever seen. Local woman were washing their clothes in the river and other locals could be seen cooking and cutting coconuts.  Above us were hundreds of tall bamboo and palm trees. (Caution: we witnessed two falling coconuts. Be sure to look above often and be careful as you are walking along the path).

Kawasan Falls Cebu

Kawasan Falls Cebu

Kawasan Falls Tour Guide

Cebu Waterfall

One of our favorite parts about our trek up to the falls, was seeing all the different animals that were going about their day.

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls Cebu

We also witnessed one of the world’s largest fruits hanging from a tree – the Jack Fruit. Word has it, it’s smelly but delish!

Jack Fruit

One thing we missed out on was Kawasan Canyoneering. While we didn’t get to experience all the fun & adventure of this excursion, we did catch a few details on what it was all about. If you’re into rappelling, rock hopping, down climbing, cliff jumping, swimming and water slides, than this excursion may be just what you are looking for.

Kawasan Canyoneering

The travel up to the waterfalls took us approximately 30 minutes. This was due to in part to the frequent stops we made along the way. The backdrop of this jungle / lagoon was truly mesmerizing. We couldn’t help but take photo after photo of the various landscapes. (Due to the fact we were surrounded by water, we decided to bring our go pro waterproof camera and a waterproof bag to store our Canon G7x and other items. It is also advisable to pack an extra change of clothes, a pair of tennis shoes and flip flops. You will get wet!).

Once we made it to the falls, we were a in awe, but somewhat disappointed to put it blatantly. Seeing all the people, vendors and perched umbrellas took away from the ambiance and nature of it all. We decided not to let it bother us but were certainly glad we arrived earlier than later as to avoid the heavier crowds.

Our Arrival at Kawasan Falls Cebu

Once we arrived at the falls and stepped foot in the warm Turquoise water, we felt like we were in heaven. This is where our Kawasan Falls adventure truly began. We were surrounded by lush greenery and the falls cascaded into a large natural water pool – the perfect temperature for swimming.

Our tour guide helped us board a large flat bamboo raft.  Since we were the first on the raft, we didn’t get a chance to witness what the excursion was all about. Lets just say we were hardly prepared for what we were in for.

As the guide pulled a rope, we noticed we were being dragged closer and closer to the large waterfall. Two things ran through our heads – either he is going to give us a nice close up view of the falls or we were going directly under it.

Once we started to drift behind the falls, we knew what we were in for…

Once we were behind the falls, we were both screaming out of excitement and anticipation. The loud pouring of the falls was a little scary to say the least. At this point, it was too late to turn around. Our guide told us to lay flat on our stomachs as we slowly drifted under the waterfall.

Once we were under, all we could feel was the weight of the falls. It wasn’t unbearable though. Quite frankly, we were laughing hysterically and couldn’t help but enjoy this natural waterfall back massage.

Yup, the weight of that waterfall poured on us and it was amazing.

I mean, look at that face. Fun right?

Once we were finished, we jumped off the raft and went for a swim that I’ll never forget. The feeling of swimming in the middle of a jungle is unparalleled.

We also stumbled upon a neat place for a photo op – under large rocks and hanging vines.

Once we were finished with our swim, we dried off and purchased food and wine from one of the local vendors.

It was delish!

We hope you enjoyed this post and we encourage you to add this one to your bucket list!

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