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Kalanggaman Island: A Beautiful Island Paradise in Leyte Philippines!

January 17, 2018

There are many places that have left us speechless, but Kalanggaman Island takes the cake for one of the most beautiful islands on our list.  It’s crazy to think, but these photos just don’t do it justice.  As beautiful as it may look from the perspective of our camera lens, these images pale in comparison to the real view you get while standing on the edge of the water, toes in the sand. It sounds cliche, but you just have to be there to see it.

This mini island/sandbar is situated off the coast of Palompon Leyte and is the perfect day-trip from any of the surrounding Islands – Malapascua, Cebu or Leyte! We opted to go on a group tour from Malapascua Island. The boat ride lasted an hour and a half and we even saw flying fish & dolphins along the way! This was one of those scenarios where the journey was just as enjoyable as the destination.

Kalanggaman Island

Our Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kalanggaman Island

1. Venture off to an Island Untouched

There are few places left in the world that are this untouched. We’re talking zero hotels, zero restaurants, just you, palm trees, beautiful ocean, coconuts, white sands & a warm breeze. For the person who is looking for the perfect place to escape all things man made, x marks the spot. Don’t forget to pack your own cocktail, though, this remote island is void of bartenders.

2. The Journey and Day-Trip!

The boat ride to the Island is just as fun. Catch glimpse of hundreds of flying fish gliding above the surface along the way. You may even see a Dolphin come up to greet you. These calm, pool-like waters are a dolphins playground. Don’t forget to look down, the water is crystal-clear.

boat rental

3. For Mother Nature

Like we said before, this place is void of all things man-made. If you love nature, than you will be in awe. Visiting Kalanggaman is all about being one with mother nature. Its a surreal feeling to be away from it all; the hustle & bustle, the noise & everything we are used to back home. Don’t forget to pop a squat in the sand, look out into the endless ocean and just be one with this majestic place.

4. For the Clear Waters

We’ve seen clear waters in many beautiful places around the globe but Kalanggaman has a different / light turquoise hue. There almost appeared to be a thin fog and haze that hovered just above the surface, like a cloud. The water was extremely inviting, almost hypnotizing. You’ll surely want to go for a swim. (Just make sure to avoid swimming at the edge of the sandbar. We learned there is a strong current and it can be dangerous).

Visiting Kalanggaman

5. Snorkeling and Other Activities

Pack your snorkel gear because another paradise lies underwater. It’s like swimming in a fish tank with great visibility and beautiful tropical fish / marine life. If you don’t have snorkel gear, you can ask your tour guide to pack you one for a nominal fee or rent one in the island (around P300 for one full day of use).

Kalanggaman Island

6. Two-Sided Sandbar

This island is unique for it’s two-sided sandbar. Be sure to go for a stroll from the center of the island to both ends. Each side stretches far out, almost like a natural bridge through the ocean. There really is nothing like it.

Malapascua Island to Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Sandbar

7. For the Camping

For the person who isn’t afraid to rough it, the Island offers cottages which can be rented for around P500 a day. There is no electricity or amenities on the Island, so we advise coming prepared with camping gear, food, drinks and sleeping bags.

staying for the night

8. For the View

According to the locals, Kalanggaman (meaning “bird” in Visayan) got its name because it resembles a bird when viewed from above. For this reason, we packed a drone to capture beautiful aerial shots of this bird like Island. We even found a tree house toward the end of one of the sandbars. It was the perfect place view the Island from up-high.

palompon leyte

9. The Time is Right…

I hate to say it, but there may be a time when this gorgeous island isn’t as untouched or pristine as it is today. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but it doesn’t hurt to seize the opportunity to visit before the Hiltons do. Just saying.

10. Powdery White Sands

Like Boracay, this little Island packs with the softest white sand. Be sure to pull off your sandals and feel the sand between your toes.

day tour

Kalanggaman Sandbar

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