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How Airbnb Saved Us Over 500 a Night in Europe

September 30, 2015


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How Airbnb Saved Us Over 500 a Night in Europe

If you are traveling to Europe,  it can get expensive! This is especially true if you are traveling in a large group. In the states, it is customary to allow 4 people in a room. You may even get by with having four or more. In Europe, it’s almost impossible to have more than two people per room. They just don’t allow it. With hotel costs and fees exceeding over $200.00 a night, minimum, we would have paid in excess of 600.00 a night for 6 people! Hostels are extremely popular in Europe & a great option for those trying to offset the costs of staying in a hotel & while they are a FRUGAL option, they certainly aren’t FANCY.  My goal is to show you both a Frugal and Fancy way to stay in Europe without having to spend a load of money.

Airbnb in Europe

Whenever we travel, my husband and I always look for a home or apartment to rent in a good location. Our second choice would be a bed and breakfast and the last choice would be a hotel (unless the hotel has a great pool with poolside service that is). We choose homes/apartments over hotels for a few reasons – usually a lot more square footage & better pricing. We also enjoy an authentic experience. In my opinion, being in a hotel room somewhat restricts us from that experience. I’ll tell you this much, the Marriotts and W Hotels do not look much different in Europe, Asia or the USA in my opinion.

My husband and I love using Airbnb. In fact, we’ve rented out our own home to vacationers through the site. Aside from this, we’ve utilized Airbnb to find places to stay at more than 20 places around the globe. Why? We save a lot of money and get a lot more for it. For $115.00 a night, we stayed in a two bedroom home in the center of Rome – just blocks from the Vatican and steps away from restaurants and nightlife. (Airbnb provides peace of mind for both guests and hosts – Hosts are protected up to $1,000,000 with the Airbnb Host Guarantee and guests can learn about their hosts and their homes by checking out guest reviews. For more information on Airbnb, click here).

2 bedroom apt on Alibert-Trastevere

On Airbnb, we found a 2 bedroom  home in city center for only $115.00 a night. This fully equipped two bedroom apartment was located in Trastevere – an excellent location just steps from the Isola Tiberina, Campo Dé Fiori, Piazza Navona, and the Vatican. Our hosts Domenico & Veronica were great! They even offered us a complimentary bottle of wine upon arrival. See photos of our little Italian Villa below:

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Guest Reviews on this Location

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 Tell us your Airbnb thoughts. We’d love to hear from ya!!!

Melody & Trevor

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