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Frugal Holiday Gifts Under 6.00

December 1, 2014
Frugal Xmas Gifts

Frugal Holiday Gifts

Five Frugal Holiday Gifts To Spread the Cheer This Year

We’ve compiled a list of 6 frugal holiday gifts you can use to spread the cheer this year. For this particular holiday season, our family decided to embrace the spirit of giving but in a frugal and hand-crafted fashion. Lets face it, the Holidays can get pretty pricey especially if you have a family the size of ours. Between my husband and I, we have 35 immediate family members. Even if we spent a minimal 15.00 on each person, we’d spend a whopping 525.00. This does not account for the gifts we give to extended family members, co-workers, friends and charities. While we are not the scrooges and truly embrace the spirit of giving, $525.00 is a little steep for our budgets. So how did we keep the spirit of giving? We decided to get creative by using our own imaginations and also pulled fun creative ideas from Pinterest.

Frugal Holiday Gifts:

Idea #1: Holiday Mason Jars

Okay, this is not a new idea. There are so many creative  mason jar ideas on the internet. So many, that I could not resist to try making a few for family on Christmas. This year we decided to make “Spiked Hot Chocolate Mason Jars” for the guys and “For Your Mistle Toes Jars” for the girls.

Frugal Holiday Gifts

Frugal Holiday Gifts


What your will need to make these jars:

1. Mason Jars from the dollar store

2. Avery sticker paper #22818

3. Ribbon of your choice from the dollar store

For the “Spiked Hot Chocolate Mason Jars” your will need:

1. Small bottle of baileys

2. Small Marshmellows

3. Fat free Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix

Frugal Holiday Gifts

For the “Mistle Toe Nail Mason Jars”:

1. Nail Polish of your choice

2. Cotton balls from the dollar store

3. Nail clippers and nail files from the dollar store

Frugal Holiday Gifts

Idea #2: Jack and Coke Cups

For our extended family, to keep things fun and cost effective, we made these simple and easy to do Jack and Coke cups.

Frugal Holiday Gifts

Frugal Holiday Gifts


What you will need to make these Jack & Coke Cups:

1. Coca cola cups from the dollar store.

2. Small Jack Daniels bottles

3. Brown lunch bags from the dollar store

4. Straws

5. Avery sticker paper, template 22818

6. Ribbon of your choice

Frugal Holiday Gifts

Frugal Holiday Gifts


Idea #3: Coffee/Tea Box

So my parents were in need of a coffee maker. To go with their gift, I decided to put together a small coffee kit using items from the dollar store.

Frugal Holiday Gifts


 What you will need to make this coffee box:

1. Glass syrup bottles (I filled the bottles with french vanilla and caramel syrup)

2. Glass creamer container (Add creamer)

3. Two glass mugs

4. Coffee Filters

5. Sugar Packets

6. Tea Packets

7. Two Spoons

8. Coffee container (I found this container at Michaels)

Frugal Holiday Gifts


 Idea #4: Movie Gift Boxes

I have a few family members who are avid movie watchers. The one thing I loathe giving away as Christmas gifts are gift cards, but that’s just me. To add a little creativity and personal thought to go along with the movie gift card, my sister and I decided to create two different movie gift boxes.

Frugal Holiday Gifts


Frugal Holiday Gifts

Idea #5: Frugal Gift Wrap – Dollar Store Gift Wrap and Toilet Paper Rolls

One of my favorite blogs is called Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth. We got this cute lil idea from that blog and decided to give it a whirl. It put a little frugal twist on your old holiday gift wrapping. Use the center cardboard piece of a toilet paper roll to make this DIY Christmas Gift Wrap.


Frugal Holiday Gifts


1. Take your toilet paper rolls and flatten them down (see below)

Frugal Holiday Gifts





2. Take the eraser end of a pencil, dab it on a stamp pad and place small dots on the toilet paper roll. Tuck in the sides of the toilet paper roll when finished.


Frugal Holiday Gifts


Frugal Holiday Gifts


3. Place your small gift item inside the box (good for gift cards/lottery tickets) and seal them shut by tying ribbon or string around them.



Frugal Holiday Gifts


4. Voila! Simple frugal fancy DIY gift wrap.

We’ve attached a few gifts we wrapped using dollar store gift wrap. The trick is to use non Christmas pattern gift wrap and instead, use plain paper. Add a few Christmas elements such as a candy cane or ribbon to fancy it up.


Frugal Holiday Gifts


We hope you liked these frugal holiday gifts! Let us know if you have any frugal holiday ideas. Please leave us questions or comments below.

Be frugal, stay fancy, get fit this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

Melody & Trevor Coxon








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