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Collect Moments, Not Things | A Few Thoughts on Long-Term Travel

September 17, 2017
collect moments not things

“Collect Moments Not Things” One of the most common questions we are asked is “how do you afford to travel so much?”. Well, we’re definitely not part of the Hilton family and no, we did not hit the lotto. Our answer is simple – we work hard and collect moments, not things. Every day, we are all bombarded with the latest trends. We see it on magazines, billboards, televisions and even…

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How to Make Travel as Stress-Free as Possible

July 2, 2017

Article By Guest Contributor: Henry Moore at Fit Well Traveler Traveling is meant to be a time for us to relax, kick up our feet, and let our minds wander away from the stress of daily life. So why do so many people feel anxiety and stress when faced with the prospect of traveling? Planning a vacation can have a lot of details and particulars that make it an ordeal; we…

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Our Palm Springs Dining Room

February 18, 2017
Cactus Wall Art

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Palm Springs Thrift Store Finds

February 15, 2017
Palm Springs Bedroom Decor

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Bar Cart Syling

December 22, 2016
bar cart styling

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Skin-Firming Citrus Boost Water

February 20, 2016

Skin-Firming Citrus Boost Water from the Cook Book “Lose Weight by Eating“ This morning, I attempted making the Skin-Firming Citrus Boost Water recipe from Audrey John’s new cook book Lose Weight by Eating. She is a blogger and author who ate her way to losing 150 lbs. How’s that for super cool? As you all probably know by now, Trevor and I are believers in finding healthier ways of…

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Nutty Chicken Salad Sliders

February 18, 2016

Nutty Chicken Salad Sliders from the book “Lose Weight By Eating” by Audrey Johns WHY have I been missing out on these Nutty Chicken Salad Sliders?! This sandwich is my life right now, haha. Thanks to Audrey Johns for sending me a copy of her newly released book Lose Weight by Eating.  Her incredible weight loss journey has inspired many as she lost 150 pounds in one year by teaching herself…