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10 Colorless and Budget Friendly Diamond Alternatives

December 10, 2015

 10 Colorless and Budget Friendly Diamond Alternatives Marilyn once said that Diamonds are a girls’ best friend but I know of a few diamond alternatives that I’ve grown to love just as much. While I do own a few diamond pieces, I simply cannot afford to adorn all my jewelry with luxury diamonds. Over the years, I have done a lot of research on diamond alternatives for my earring…


Wednesday Wish List

September 16, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist With summer coming to an end, I’ve been pulling out and hanging up all my warmer clothes and searching for a few fall/winter staple items. Spending on a whole new fall/winter wardrobe is not my cup of tea. Rather, I find, it’s all about finding staple items and accessorizing what you already have to give it a different look and feel. Shopping for items that are timeless,…

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Picnic at Corona Del Mar Lookout Point

August 20, 2015

This last Saturday, Trevor and I decided to have a picnic at Corona Del Mar lookout point. We do the same thing almost every weekend: leave work behind, get cleaned up, pack a picnic basket, head to the beach, find a place in the sand, watch the sunset and truly appreciate our moments together. I’m obsessed with the ocean. Always have been. Fortunately, so is he. Knowing location…

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Staple Items and My Frugal Closet

August 13, 2015

From Over Spender to Smart Spender/Investor When I was younger I shopped like I had an endless amount of $ in my bank account. Let’s face it, most of us don’t. I speak for women when I say it’s so easy to get caught up in shopping for clothing when fashion trends change so quickly, bloggers promote the cutest outfits on social media, the fashion industry pours millions into catching…