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Palm Springs Thrift Store Finds

February 15, 2017
Palm Springs Bedroom Decor

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Fun and Affordable Photo Pillows

January 2, 2016

Affordable Photo Pillows – The Perfect Gift Last Christmas, we received the best gift ever – an enlarged photo of  our “Lucy Goosey” on a pillow. I thought it was such a great gift idea and added a nice personal touch. My brother and sister in law, Raianna & Andy, put this clever little gift together by scouring our Facebooks for a photo and sending it to a company called Canvas…

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DIY Starbucks Christmas Decor

November 30, 2015

    DIY Starbucks Christmas Decor This year I decided to deck my mantle out with DIY Starbucks Christmas Decor. Remember the big hoop-la that was made about these cute lil red and green Starbucks cups being un-holiday worthy? I certainly beg to differ, especially after seeing Catherine’s DIY on the blog rabbitfoodformybunnyteeth.com. I love reading and following other bloggers for DIY inspiration from time to time, especially…

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Last Minute Party Tips for Those on a Budget

March 10, 2015
Last Minute Party Tips for those on a budget

Last Minute Party Tips for Those on a Budget Below, I’ve listed some last minute party tips for those on a budget. We all know that planning a party can get pretty pricey. Hiring a party planner may take the stress off but it is not always the most budget friendly way to go. Catering can get pretty pricey as well as table decor. It all adds up.…

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Frugal Holiday Gifts Under 6.00

December 1, 2014
Frugal Xmas Gifts

Five Frugal Holiday Gifts To Spread the Cheer This Year We’ve compiled a list of 6 frugal holiday gifts you can use to spread the cheer this year. For this particular holiday season, our family decided to embrace the spirit of giving but in a frugal and hand-crafted fashion. Lets face it, the Holidays can get pretty pricey especially if you have a family the size of ours. Between my husband…