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Camara and Capones Island Hopping | Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

July 20, 2017
Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Photo Diary: Camara and Capones Island Hopping

After three days in Olangapo City, we decided to take a one hour taxi ride (cost: 1,500 pesos) up North to Pundaquit.  This area is known for it’s sun, surf and beaches! We decided to stay at a local hotel called the ‘Pundaquit Sun and Surf‘ which offers air conditioned rooms or Kubos (small huts) for less than $1,500 pesos per night (or 30 US dollars). The Hotel is VERY rustic but with so much character. The owner, Kevin, greeted us the moment we arrived & set us up in our small bungalow on the beach. We chatted over a few cocktails at his palapa bar and learned that this resort offered day trips to all the local islands – Anawangin, Nagsasa, Capones & Camara. If you’re looking to experience Island Hopping in San Antonio Zambales, then Pundaquit Sun and Surf is a great starting point.

Pundaquit Sun and Surf

How to Get to Camara + Capones Island

To get to Capones and Camara Islands, you must take an outrigger (philippine fishing boat) from Barangay Pundaquit in San Antonio. You can travel to Pundaquit by taxi or bus. When you arrive at the bus drop-off in town, you can take a tricycle to Barangay Pundaquit. Note: Taking a private car may reduce your travel time by half an hour.

The boat ride from Pundaquit out to Capones Island is around 20-30 minutes depending on how choppy the water is. Camara Island is only a few minutes South of Capones Island.

San Antonio Zambales

Zambales Island Hopping Tour Package

While the prices vary depending on which tour group you go with, you can expect an affordable excursion. Since it was quite choppy out on the waters, we opted to go to the closer islands – Camara and Capones. Through Pundaquit Surf & Sand, we only paid 1,500 pesos for our boat ride (or 30 US dollars). If you’re curious about other excursion costs from the hotel, see the photo below.

Zambales Island Hopping

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Excited to explore the Islands!

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

The outrigger we took to reach Capones and Camara

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

The photo above was taken at Capones Island which is characterized by huge rock formations and steep cliffs surrounded by white sand and coral beaches. The Capones Island Lighthouse is also located on the hillside near the western end of the island.

The beaches are lined with beautiful sea shells!

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

On our way to Camara Island

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Small waterfalls flow down the large mountainside

Camara and Capones Island Hopping

Arrived in Camara Cove

Camara Cove


  • The islands are small and uninhabited. Don’t expect resorts or even restrooms. Be prepared for a rustic experience and enjoy all the surrounding beauty.
  • Pack water bottles and snacks for your trip. Some tour groups provide food & drink. Be sure to ask what is being provided before you head out.
  • Waterproof all your electronics and other items. The waters can get quite choppy & you WILL get wet.
  • Bring a pair of water shoes, the shores are quite rocky.

All in all, our trip up to Pundaquit proved to be Soooo worth it. Thanks for reading!

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