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Best Beer Garden in Munich

October 2, 2015

The best beergarden in

Where is the best Beer Garden in Munich you might ask? Well in my opinion, it’s nothing other than Munich’s oldest Beer Garden – Augustiner Bräu. Their beers have been brewed in Munich since 1294. So 700 years have passed and the people are still drinking and dining in this famous beergarden.  When we set out en route to Germany, the first thing that came to mind was sipping on good local brews. Germany, Bavaria in particular, has some of the world’s best beers and oldest beergardens. So we set out to see Augustiner Brau to get a taste of a little history along with some great beer and carby food.

Augustiner Brau

The brewery has a history that stretches all the way back to the 12th century and their beer is considered to be part of the fabric of Munich’s culture. This was a great excuse for us to order ourselves several rounds of their famous beers:  Lagerbier Hell, Edelstoff, Weißbier, Pils, Octoberfestbier, Maximator, Dunkel & Heller Bock. Honestly, one beer will do it as the beers are quite large!

I took notice to a few interesting things as I glanced around the beergarden – 1) The place was packed! Like a large outdoor dining room, where people got comfy and socialized over a tall glass of beer 2) Everyone seemed to have a high tolerance as I watched countless beers being filled to the rim on every table 3) Nobody had their phone out. I mean nobody. It was all about beer, socializing, eating and eye to eye contact 4) The garden was enormous! In fact, my sister got lost for 30 minutes trying to find our table 5) It was a happy environment. With traditional German Music playing, a large garden atmosphere and a perfect spring day – people were raising their glasses, laughing, dancing and drinking their worries away.

Beer Garden 2

Beer Garden 3

Beer Garden 4

Beer Garden 6

Beer Garden 7

Beer Garden 19

Beer Garden 10

Beer Garden 11

Beer Garden 12

Beer Garden 13


(While you are there, be sure to try the traditional German foods which match up superbly with their beers)

Beer Garden 15


(Pretzels are 3-4 times the size!)

Beer Garden 16

Beer Garden 18

Beer Garden 20

Beer Garden 21


(A typical spring day at the Beergarden – Packed!)

Beer Garden 23

Beer Garden 25


(What happened here? lol. Panoramic photo gone bad)

Beer Garden 27

Beer Garden 26

Beer Garden 28

What’s your favorite beer garden? Thanks for reading!


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