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3 Days in Madrid Spain

October 30, 2015


Adventures in Madrid

My mother and I traveled to spend 3 Days in Madrid Spain with my sister who was studying abroad. We had just pulled an all nighter in Prague Czech Republic and flew on an early flight for Madrid. There was one problem upon arrival – we arrived on one of the busiest days of the year. I must say, it was not the time to back pack on a whim. Every hotel, hostel and Airbnb were FULLY booked. Tired and exhausted, there we were, restless without a hotel. After a hours of searching online, and walking in and out of hotels, we started to feel like Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem – desperate for a manger.

I decided to sit my mother down in a local cafe, ordered her some food and tipped the waiter to let her stay until I could find us a hotel. After about an hour of rejection, I finally found us a place to stay – a quaint and small boutique hotel called Hotel II Castilla in a convenient location (central to all the shops, bars, parades). With a spontaneous cancellation, the hotel offered us their last one bedroom hotel room. We lucked out.





With only 3 days in Madrid, here are a few things we got to see and experience:

Our First Day In Madrid –  The Day of the Autonomous Community of Madrid

Fiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid is a public holiday in Madrid Spain on May 2nd. This holiday marks the anniversary of an uprising against French Troops on May 2, 1808. The streets were lined with people drinking, parades, costume folk and packed restaurants/bars.

a happening city…




What is it like in Madrid?

Madrid was a welcoming and beautiful cosmopolitan city. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the people were friendly, the tapas and drinks were to die for and the monuments/parks were truly a site to see.  I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone as the city offers something new to do everyday.  Go shopping, go to a concerts, grab tapas/beer, check out the nightlife, have a picnic in the park or simply take a walk and enjoy the stunning scenery and architecture of city centre’s most famous sites.

My recommendations…

  1. Book your transportation and hotel stay in advance.  I was so eager to do the spontaneous thing because I’ve heard of all these fun and spontaneous back pack adventures to Europe. What was I thinking? I’m far from the back packer, and it’s just my luck to play spontaneous on a happening time of year. If you are heading out to Spain, I’d recommend doing a little research to see if there are any festivals or events going on that might make an impact on your travel plans.
  2. The city is either really cold or really hot. Luckily, we arrived in the Spring and I’d say the weather was warm but perfect. I’d recommend checking the weather report in advance.
  3. Keep a Spanish dictionary handy or install a Spanish App on your phone. Luckily I speak Spanish, but I can see how it would be hard to get around the city without some basic knowledge of the Spanish Language. Most of the locals can get by with some English but I’d come prepared.
  4. Pick pocketing runs pretty rampant throughout Europe. Keep your belongings close and zipped up.

Some of the sites we loved in Madrid…

Monument: Ayuntamiento de Madrid (below)




madrid 3

a walk along the Gran Vía (below)…




madrid 4

madrid 5

photos in front of Jardines de Sabatini

madrid 8





  Plaza de Oriente…


Parque del Buen Retiro (“Park of the Pleasant Retreat”)

Like the name says, Retiro Park is definitely a pleasant retreat. This is the largest park in Madrid City with 350 acres and sits at the edge of city center.  The park is filled with beautiful sculptures / monuments, galleries, a peaceful lake with paddle boats, gardens, musicians and artists.

Retiro Fountain near the entrance to the park…






my mom’s favorite chocolate bar in Madrid…the kinder bueno bar…



a peaceful lakeside at the park, perfect for a picnic…



a musicians serenade in the park. How’s that for frugal fancy entertainment?

madrid 23

madrid 22

artists in the park…

madrid 18


madrid photo

madrid 11

madrid 13

a colorful tent in Retiro Park to rest our feet…

madrid 10

madrid 9

madrid 16

madrid 14

What’s Madrid without Tapas and Beers!

A quintessential day in Madrid is not complete without indulging on savory tapas and sipping a refreshing beer, coffee or wine.





The Churros are to die for

madrid 24

madrid 25


I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you want or have any tips on things to do or see in Madrid, please do not hesitate to comment in the comment section below.



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